Stars and stripes informs us that for all the two wars he is running, the Nobel peace prize laureate still has W’s (Gates’) Pentagon (promises be damned)

Washington Post is once again fluffing Rahm Emanuel (“Dems wish Obama listened to him more”)

Moonie Times once again proves itself more ofย  a paper than Wapo.

Today it writes about the karmic effects of using the 14 Amendment in court case for gun rights – now courts may have to consider women, gays equal too

An attorney who won a landmark case overturning the District’s handgun ban has rankled conservatives who say a Second Amendment case he will argue Tuesday before the U.S. Supreme Court could be fodder for liberal judges to mandate constitutional guarantees for gay marriage, abortion rights or government-provided health care.

It also brings up Obama’s giddiness at teachers’ firings and damage control

In California voters seem to have choices – Jerry Brown declared his candidacy for Governor

In Texas votersย  seem to have a say as well

In New York, Obama Times and the followers keep ragging on the Governor. Until now, we were supposed to be shocked Paterson made a call, now we should be even more shocked he directed aides to make that call

Obama Times

Daily News

New York Post

.And as promised, for perspective: why is that phone call so important? because last September he got an offer he couldn’t refuse, but did

The one good electoral news – Harold Ford not running – didn’t make the first page. Poor Harold!

And for those who missed the real reason he quit

One great bit, and a reason it’s now so dangerous to do private polling: The poll reportedly test voters’ responses to “a Wall Street executive who has not disclosed his bonus.”..