The national press is busy with the health summit. In DC, the Express captures what it looked like

Washington Post has dueling editorials

As Moonie Times concludes on the lack of results (as if any were expected)

In NY, NY Times has an interesting photo of the summit. It also moves in for the kill on the Governor. (before it was for being remote – now – he made a phone call . Just imagine if a corrupt realtor had bought his house, or his seat went for sale to the highest bidder – then he would be our next POTUS!)

Getting the other tabloids to follow breathleassly, hysterically with nearly identical headlines stomping their feet and screaming

Here’s the Obama faithful Daily News

and the also Obama servicing NY Post

and a slightly less nasty headline from AM-NY

Our media doesn’t tolerate disobeying.(they just ran another governor out of office in case you forget)

Paterson was ordered to just not run again, he dared to refuse, for that he has to resign . Voters need not apply.

Seems however, someone up there loves Paterson. The last time headlines were so vicious there was a snow storm too.

It overtook the news, and paper sales were down as everything was closed. Note the very different topics they were trying – to see what might stick

This shall always follow this story as a reminder