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Paterson to Drop Out of Governor Race

Remember when Obama declared he didn’t want Paterson running again and was disobeyed?

A “whirlwind of accusations” from his media later, and the uppity governor was put in his place.

That’s how NY Times had the hutzpa to break the story:

Gov. David A. Paterson, his administration caught up in a whirlwind of allegations about its intervention in a domestic violence episode involving a top aide, is set to announce that he is suspending his election campaign and will not run in November, according to a person told about the plans.

The whirlwind, ranging from women, corruption, being remote and finally making a phone call will now stop as they got what they wanted.

Fixing the primaries.

The blackmail was successful, the moral outrage can stop now.

I hope anyone considering voting for Cuomo will remember this.

Here’s the first paragraph of the NY Post article

The White House has chosen New York’s next governor and it’s Andrew Cuomo

There will be a karmic price to pay for this, Jr.jr. I mean, on top of what you pay for stealing the primaries 2008.

A reader (h/t Pips) notes Obama’s moods as evidenced by yesterday’s theater slideshow

Which do you think he likes to do better?

Advocating for healthcare

or preening to adoring media?

Governing or campaigning?

And for those of you saying he needs TOTUS to pick his nose, you’re wrong! he can do it on his very own

The national press is busy with the health summit. In DC, the Express captures what it looked like

Washington Post has dueling editorials

As Moonie Times concludes on the lack of results (as if any were expected)

In NY, NY Times has an interesting photo of the summit. It also moves in for the kill on the Governor. (before it was for being remote – now – he made a phone call . Just imagine if a corrupt realtor had bought his house, or his seat went for sale to the highest bidder – then he would be our next POTUS!)

Getting the other tabloids to follow breathleassly, hysterically with nearly identical headlines stomping their feet and screaming

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