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NY Times has two conflicting headlines: one is about healthare and makes people think bipartisan deals are in the making. The other, on gun control – states relax their laws to spite Obama who might – just might – tighten it – nice going

Washington Post brings that bipartisan masterpiece – the war and it’s toll – over 1000 in Afghanistan

Also, having squeezed all it could from Democrats, Wall Street is now preparing to install Republicans. Voters need not apply.

The new campaign contributions data underscore the political quandary facing Democrats, who want Wall Street donations to help fend off a GOP resurgence in congressional elections this fall but hope to distance themselves from an industry vilified by the public as greedy and ungrateful. President Obama has sought to strike a balance, calling outsize Wall Street bonuses “shameful” and “obscene” while also assuring business executives that he does not “begrudge people success or wealth.”

Does anyone else think that “I hate you – I love you” is maybe not the best way of “striking balance”?

Wall Street Journal chronicles other disasters they and their chosen brought to us

while LA Times brings us the most repulsive “bipartisan news” yet: a civilized discussion between abortion friends and foes. I will trust media reporting on it when the headline will be about “choice” instead.


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