“He’s the one who campaigned on it”

In one of the previous episodes, B0bots were wondering

5.Β So which one is playing the part of Lucy this week?

Harry or Obama?

After Obama snatched the Public Option ball from them, by coming with “his own” optionless bill, his WORM guy Gibbs explains

The White House decided not to include a public option for insurance coverage in its final health care proposal because of concerns about vote count, spokesman Robert Gibbs suggested during Monday’s briefing.

But don’t despair, boys and girls B0bots, it’s in your hands, just like it always was

But the case isn’t fully closed. A campaign to get the public plan added to the legislation during the amendment process is still very much alive. And even Gibbs conceded that the provision could still come to a vote on the Senate floor.

“I think they have asked for a vote on the floor of the Senate,” Gibbs said. “And that is certainly up to those who manage those amendments and to [Majority] Leader [Harry] Reid.”

So, remember, if you are PO’d about the PO: it’s all up to Harry Reid! Unless of course, you’re from Nevada – and in that case it’s all in the hands ofΒ  the evil GOP!

Silly Democrats! Maybe I should add this new Fish cartoon for them