In a shocking development, in Kansas they arrived at the logical conclusion that eluded legislators on a national level.

After a Stupak-like, amendment passed

would require women to buy separate insurance policies that covered abortions.  It passed 73-45.

the shocking development followed

Rep. Ann Mah (D-Topeka) proposed an amendment that would require men to buy separate insurance policies that covered erectile dysfunction drugs.  She pointed out that many insurance plans don’t cover birth control, and asked why it was then fair to have women pay “the cost of Viagra for all the old guys who want to have sex?”
Mah’s amendment passed 64-35.

Of course we are still comparing surgical procedures with drugs, and note the lower numbers of votes, but some measure of sanity did occur and yes, it’s hard to believe!

The other somewhat surprising development is the popularity of this story amongst B0b0ts. I believe however it’s not because women served it to men so much as to the partisan framing of the headline

Republican men get a taste of their own medicine

It’s a funny title that leaves Stupak, Nelson and their many friends out and it confuses a few men-B0bots there

But I’m always troubled by the attitude about things like this on this site, which basically boils down to “ED drugs only benefit old white guys, and then their put-upon wives suffer when suddenly they have to go through the burden of having sex again.” It just reinforces the whole women-as-sexual-gatekeeper stereotype, as well as the idea that men are horndogs and that women would so much rather be doing anything other than having sex.

Still, most are happy “Republican men” got served!…