Remember when everything that went wrong with HCR was being blamed on Rahm Emmanuel?

Today, B0bots hope he’ll be gone. Why? because of  a suck-up piece Millbank wrote about him in Wapo yesterday

Let us now praise Rahm Emanuel.

No, seriously.

Today’s Cenk Ungur response to that calls the piece

Rahm’s Parting Shot at Obama Insiders

While I fully agree that

Dana Milbank transcribed an article written by Rahm Emanuel today in The Washington Post. Never has an article been more clearly written to support a political benefactor.

I sorta doubt the first sentence:

It looks Rahm Emanuel is done.

Seems to me a bit of wishful thinking

My second thought was, “Wow, what a hatchet job on Jarrett, Gibbs and Axelrod!” Since Rahm is obviously feeding this to Milbank, that is very revealing. You don’t throw these kinds of bombs unless you’ve already lost.

Which is reinforced by the second most popular discussion in B0botland

Cenk Uygar: “It looks Rahm Emanuel is done”

Every time those poor people celebrates, I know there’s no reason for them to do so. Especially when they start Dean dreaming

2. that would be simply lovely! Now if only Dr Dean were offered a serious spot in the admin

Maybe THEN we would get Change We Could Believe In…..

What shocked me in this story, is that I found way lower levels of stupidity elsewhere than B0botland. Firedoglake has had moments of lucidity, but this is just reaching cosmic proportions

They second Ungur’s speculation by adding way sillier reasons

What’s Michelle Obama’s take on Rahm Emanuel?

This does not even raise to the Enqirer level of “friends say”. It’s speculation based on slogan propaganda:

So which way will Michelle Obama vote? Rahm start packing your bags. The First Lady believes balance in one’s own life is important. Emanuel does not have that balance.

Ah, the balance argument! I am convinced. But wait, there’s more:

There’s also that Jewish hegemony

And although Emanuel got as much mileage as he could over the whole Jewish thing.

But other people have their own Jews too! (not unlike B0bots got their own retard)

With Michelle Obama’s cousin being Jewish and Barack Obama’s strong ties to the Jewish community. The Jewish community should understand that Emanuel is a couple Kabbalah courses short of a full deck. This guy is no Henry Kissinger, know what I mean?

Me? I am an outsider in this one. I see no difference between Rahm and Obama so , one of the two leaving offers me no vindication

But my personal feeling is that nobody is leaving. Precisely because that first sentence in this entry. I was reminded how – during the Enron controversy, W told White, his Secretary of the Army and former Enron CEO: “I’ll never let you go! You are my lighting rod”


I now found out the reason for the Milbank WaPo article. It was not departure, but a response to a salvo in The Daily Beast a few days before

Replace Rahm

That pretty much makes all the speculations of Rahm’s motives in commissioning Millbank to write pure BS. Just as the author of that article acknowledges in her follow-up

When you write that the president of the United States should replace his chief of staff, someone will fire back. So it was that Rahm Emanuel apparently struck back at my piece last week on The Daily Beast through a column in Sunday’s Washington Post.

As I said, when B0bots cheer, disappointment is sure to follow. …