It’s what Obama answered when a banner with “MEDICARE FOR ALL” was unfurled in front of him

There is a video at the link

with all the efforts of Doctor Margaret Flowers to get the message to him. It’s eerie to watch the reaction in the middle of the political BS he was spouting.

Stranger still, the B0bots reaction – they wanted the banner down so they can gaze upon Teh One.

Probably the one iconic moment that illustrate the mind blowing idiocy of the B0bot.

Well, I may squeeze one more.

In the Bobotland discussion of the incident, some wonder what “there you go” means. And one comes with the perfectly logical explanation

2.Β Sounds to me…

…like he was encouraging them to say it so that maybe Congress would hear it… :-)

Yeah, Chicagosuz, because poor Obama is bound and gagged in a basement by evil Rahm & Congress and has no way of signaling he needs help except for cryptic messages to supporters with banners. From “the guy who never campaigned for public option“So useful that you added that smilie there, for us all to cheer up at your interpretation…