When we last peeked in, a growing number of senators (18 by the last count) were  asking for a public option and a hopey headline was proclaiming that if Harry Reid will support it, maybe even fearless leader would follow.

Eventually, more good news seemed to arrive

Reid Open To Reconciliation On Public Option

kinda tentative, but nevertheless it became very popular in B0botland under the more optimistic title of

Reid Will Push For Public Option Through Reconciliation

Many cheered. A few showed a glimmer of sanity

5. So which one is playing the part of Lucy this week?

Harry or Obama?

RESULTS. Anything less and it’s bullshit. Shit or get off the pot Harry.

I said a glimmer as the admonition is made to Harry for some reason. As the party for this was on its way, news came of what Obama was up to

It’s all but certain to have the Cadillac tax in it, even though House Dems oppose it, and no public option, aides say.

Typically, most that join in celebration miss that news

AAUGH – Bottom Line: “NO Public Option” In “New” Obama/Dem Proposal

But for those of you who read, the part of Lucy is played, yet again, by Obama..