It was hard to find non-Woods stories today as everything from Stars and Stripes to the Wall Street Journal is pretty much taken. Still:

In Nevada they are covering Obama’s visit to stomp for Reid

The article inside the paper is less flattering

Doubt, caution meet President Obama’s foreclosure plan

Kaiser said measures such as Obama’s plan “can help stop the bleeding for now, but for there to be a true ‘recovery’ in the housing market, we will absolutely have to see more jobs being created than we currently are.

In Indiana the scramble to fill Bayh seat continues. One candidate who missed the headline switches to Libertarian, another declines the offer – would rather be governor

NY Times puts the “retard card” story on page one

“I was making fun of Sarah Palin, but not her son.”

because mothers of Down syndrome babies are so much funnier….

And Wapo  tells us about the war and, like NYT, closing of the Anthrax probe (the scientist might have done it)

More hilarious WaPo writing in my next entry