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When we last peeked in, a growing number of senators (18 by the last count) were  asking for a public option and a hopey headline was proclaiming that if Harry Reid will support it, maybe even fearless leader would follow.

Eventually, more good news seemed to arrive

Reid Open To Reconciliation On Public Option

kinda tentative, but nevertheless it became very popular in B0botland under the more optimistic title of

Reid Will Push For Public Option Through Reconciliation

Many cheered. A few showed a glimmer of sanity

5. So which one is playing the part of Lucy this week?

Harry or Obama?

RESULTS. Anything less and it’s bullshit. Shit or get off the pot Harry.

I said a glimmer as the admonition is made to Harry for some reason. As the party for this was on its way, news came of what Obama was up to

It’s all but certain to have the Cadillac tax in it, even though House Dems oppose it, and no public option, aides say.

Typically, most that join in celebration miss that news

AAUGH – Bottom Line: “NO Public Option” In “New” Obama/Dem Proposal

But for those of you who read, the part of Lucy is played, yet again, by Obama..

Be careful what you wish for! The doyenne of the Washington villagers who had declared war on the Clintons but not on Bush or Jr.jr wanted her own column. And now that she wrote one everyone knows just what a desperate, attention hungry, ridiculous nitwit she is!

I’m going to discuss a drama unfolding in our family, and I’m discussing it only because others have made it public and messy. It’s a conflict that I hope readers can understand — and avoid in their own lives.

So, this is one of those teaching moments, eh, Sally? Only because “tout Paris” was talking about it. News to Sally: your problems,your family, your family business have been irrelevant to everyone but you for a long, long time! Cloistered in your purchased Grey Gardens you let life pass you by, just like the former occupants.

Gawker correctly captures the moment

Washington Post Exists Primarily as Sally Quinn’s Idle Family Gossip Forum

Sally Quinn has a Washington Post column because she’s married to former WaPo editor Ben Bradlee.

Today: she apologetically explains, at length, the circumstances that led to two of her family members scheduling weddings the same day.

The commenters get it too

some rich woman publicly airing her family’s dirty laundry as if I cared or something.

Makes me think to David Brooks’ recent nostalgic look back at the Waspish Power Elite

One of the things he decries from the good old times when they had a lock on power and influence was that

Third, leadership-class solidarity is weaker. The Protestant Establishment was inbred. On the other hand, those social connections placed informal limits on strife. Personal scandals were hushed up. Now members of the leadership class are engaged in a perpetual state of war. Each side seeks daily advantage in ways that poison the long-term reputations of everybody involved.

See, David, Sally is demolishing your misty eyes look at the good ol’ times. No commoners wage war on the Waspish Bradlee family.

Rather it’s Sally who is so self-absorbed and narcissistic, she thinks she needs to explain to the world the dirt in her waspish family.

Ah, they don’t make stiff upper lips like they used to!

Seems to me, the Quinn of Snob got a bit jealous of the amount of ink Tiger Woods is getting with HIS pointless apology, and wanted to be noticed too!

Sorry, Sally, but nobody cares. Return to your salon with the awful food and mean gossip you serve your guests.

As for me, I’ll experience a lot of Schadenfreude reading the reactions to your little public meltdown

Here’s another comment

Whatever she may have once done, her column now seems to exist as a posh form of occupational therapy.

And it’s seems it’s badly needed too. Weaving baskets is just for commoners….

It was hard to find non-Woods stories today as everything from Stars and Stripes to the Wall Street Journal is pretty much taken. Still:

In Nevada they are covering Obama’s visit to stomp for Reid

The article inside the paper is less flattering

Doubt, caution meet President Obama’s foreclosure plan

Kaiser said measures such as Obama’s plan “can help stop the bleeding for now, but for there to be a true ‘recovery’ in the housing market, we will absolutely have to see more jobs being created than we currently are.

In Indiana the scramble to fill Bayh seat continues. One candidate who missed the headline switches to Libertarian, another declines the offer – would rather be governor

NY Times puts the “retard card” story on page one

“I was making fun of Sarah Palin, but not her son.”

because mothers of Down syndrome babies are so much funnier….

And Wapo  tells us about the war and, like NYT, closing of the Anthrax probe (the scientist might have done it)

More hilarious WaPo writing in my next entry

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