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I first used that headline – borrowed actually from some rabid B0bot here.

Can they go beyond sexism?

YES, they can!

Some obsessive PUMA stalker proves there’s always lower than the bottom of the barrel. The title is his.

I was really trying to stay away from the topic – in part because of the conundrum myiq described very well here

Lately we have had a few self-appointed guardians of liberalism and feminism declare we should have our credentials revoked because we are cheerleaders for Sarah Palin. I guess they’re correct, but only if you define “cheerleading” as “speaking out against the lynch mob.”

So, I had to don my cheerleader outfit when I saw the number 1 thread in B0botland with over 300 votes and 200 comments so far


“Family Guy” Actress with Down Syndrome Puts Palin in Her Place

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It all started with defending Rahm Emanuel for calling liberals retards. Somehow, these people forgot how angry they were at the time

Palin aside, thanks a f’ing s*&tload Rahm – your words not withstanding, your loyaly is touching and brings tears to my f’ing retarded eyes.

Now it’s all about paying Palin back for agreeing with them.

With the Family guy joke about Chris dating a young woman with Down Syndrome who informs him that she is the daughter of the governor of Alaska – they found their in. Just like  right wingers thought of themselves as non-mysogynists and non-racists because they had Condoleeza Rice, so do B0bots feel entitle to mock Palin’s baby, because they now have their own retard in their camp

Did Palin know that the actor who provided the voice for Chris’ date was Andrea Friedman, a relatively successful performer who happens to have Down Syndrome? Friedman has appeared on “Saving Grace,” “Law & Order,” “ER,” and “Life Goes On,” among other television shows.

See? She had Down syndrome, it’s all right to say these things:

In my family we think laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life. My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes.

Ha!ha!Ha! Boo to trig sister to say she is hurt!

I suppose that Obama’s children as well as all the other politician children attending political events are OK – maybe because are not carried around like a loaf of French bread.

Only one of the posters dare point the obvious

OK I’m gonna get flamed but

As much as I agree with what she says (I HATE how Palin uses that baby like a prop!) I hang around a lot of DS teens and I can’t imagine any of them being that critical — it sounds like this is what the parents want to say. I can’t picture any of my DS friends saying “the way she carries that kid around like a loaf of bread!” the comparison….bread and baby, I just don’t see them equating that, or being that critical of somebody else.

Down thread, someone posts the response to this – editorializing

But already the C4P website is badmouthing brave Andrea

In fact there’s no badmouthing, but a very sensible response – lack of punctuation notwithstanding

in any event what does the friedman letter prove no matter who wrote it. only one family was being made fun of in the cartoon and that was the palin family. now if the friedman family was made fun of in the same way then i would care what they thought but until then i would rather hear from bristol and what she thought.

In no way can someone who offended set things straight – even if she has the same affliction that was part of the joke.

As of the B0bots eating this story up, I guess there’s not much satisfaction to be had on the Chosen One front, so hatred must be unleashed.

Even if they “won”. Even if Palin is not running for anything at the present time. All this because they cannot admit they voted for the wrong guy. So much frustration, so few channels to release it

They were so ecstatic, they even made a photoshop

But I know what gives this thread over 300 thumbs up. It’s the memory of this photo with the yet to be acceptable cries of “Get thee back to the kitchen”

how do I know this for a fact? I just found this cartoon in B0botland

After years of Teh One, Messiah and other hyperbole I was a bit shocked to see this joyous headline

BREAKING: Obama will support the public option if Reid will

Mind you, it’s based on dubious interpretation of someone else’s answer to a leading question, but hope springs eternal.

Now if only that other guy will lead  our leader in the right direction!

What will Reid do?

The world is holding its breath.

I for one remember when he said “Public option was a relative term” though

Over, at B0botland, hope springs eternal.  From these slim pickings, here’s the bitter, timid headline

If OBAMA came out strong for Public Option, and FOUGHT for it, would his deserters come back?

and it’s from a self named “desertor”

I know I would.

And right now, Obama is definitely on my “scorn list” (in lieu of a stronger term).

At this point, I couldn’t come NEAR voting for him again.
He has figuratively spat in my Progressive face, again & again. ;(


This ONE ISSUE has the power to make me a supporter again.

Of course there’s a debate that deserters exist, that deserters is an appropriate name and finally if this would be enough

No – they resent a mandate to buy insurance – health reform that costs someone real money

is not considered reform by some. It will hurt many pocket books to have to pay for insurance even though it will also help many others.

and also

Most of us would!

There would still be some who are pissed off by his Afghan escalation. though.

Mind you, at this point Obama said nothing (besides “I never campaigned for the public option” and his actual opposition to it) And yet, B0bots are so eager to have a reason to come back in the fold


Remember the days when W and his trigger happy administration were hiring Madison Avenue people to name their wars? They came up with ambiguous gems such as “Operation Enduring Freedom?”

Well, I don’t know who are the marketing geniuses in the Jr.jr administration, but the Nobel peace Prize laureate likes his wars renamed too.  Who said Obama is not for change? Maybe it’s just from having W holdover such as Gates

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the “requested operation name change is approved to take effect 1 September 2010, coinciding with the change of mission for U.S. forces in Iraq.”

or just their infatuation with branding themselves but

the Obama administration has decided to give the war in Iraq — currently known as Operation Iraqi Freedom — a new name.The new name: “Operation New Dawn.”

I swear, this is not from the Onion. And of course, like “Enduring Freedom” – or perhaps worse, the choice of name is unfortunate

If Gates was hoping that “Operation New Dawn” would convey a new period in the US-Iraq relationship, it’s not clear that was the best choice of name.

After all, Operation New Dawn was the name for the bloody and grueling 2004 battle for Fallujah.

Originally, US forces had called the fight for that city “Fallujah Fury,” but Iraqi leaders suggested it be called al Fajr, or New Dawn.

Oops! I guess when you keep turning corners, you’re bound to get where you started from eventually.

And it’s good to know some rational people weighted in – even if their voices didn’t make any change

In a statement, Brian Wise, executive director of Military Families United said, “You cannot end a war simply by changing its name.  Despite the Administration’s efforts to spin realities on the ground, their efforts do not change the situation at hand in Iraq. Operational military decisions should not be made for purposes of public relations, as the Secretary of Defense cites, but should be made in the best interests of our nation, the  troops on the ground and their families back home.”

Of course, what Brian Wise fails to realize is that our wars ARE our public relations for some time now.

It’s not like we still have an anti-war movement, non?t


The right winger’s undertaking to literally shrink the government has been making headlines.

At home, where it happened

A good headline from New Hampshire

and the NY Tabloids

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