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In the new book about Ken Starr vs Clinton, Bill gets to weigh in with the perspective of time

Said Clinton: “They’re on a crusade. God has ordained them to crush the infidels… Ken Starr was their errand boy, and he danced to their tune, just as hard as he could dance.”

He adds: “Yeah, I will always have an asterisk after my name, but I hope I’ll have two asterisks: one is ‘they impeached him,’ and the other is ‘He stood up to them and beat them. And he beat them like a yard dog.'”

Yup. Over a million dollars invested in this witch hunt, more than twice the amount spnt for the 9.11 investigation.

And you want to read the comments at the link.

And in a further proof that B0botland is shaken to its fundation, barely any CDS on their discussion on this, one of the most popular


10. If there was ever a guy who was a “natural” at being Prez, it was him.

coulda have a V8

and look at wingnuts – how afraid they are of him

Clinton Plotting Tea Party Counterattack

Obviously, there is no love lost between Obama and the Clinton machine. It may at first seem odd that Clinton would rush to Obama’s defense, but the tea party movement poses a threat far beyond the immediate goals of the Obama Administration.

Kinds nice to see the bigger picture beyond the pathetic present even through the eyes of paranoia…

Remember when the “nuclear option” meant filibustering bills into nothingness? That was when GOP was using it, accusing Dems of trying to.

In Obamaland, it actually means appeasing the GOP by using Nuclear energy

and NY Metro

for a clear subtitle “Obama hopes that by bending on energy, GOP will be flexible on climate change”. Yup. Cuz that always worked.

In NY, the tabloids are back to shredding the Obama inconvenient governor. New York Times – the court jester is in the lead

with the others in tow – they seemed to have settled on one line of attack these days after trying EVERYTHING

NY Post

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