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I remembered while being pregnant I went to Macy’s and got sprayed in my eyes by one of the perfume fiends and nearly fell down. Being in New York and not in Obama era, I thought myself a victim and even for a moment thought of suing the store.

But we are now in the Bros before Hos era, when Stupak and Nelson rule the Democratic party and Obama thinks abortion is a moral issue, and women when they feel blue terminate pregnancies.

So, in these times, in I0wa, a pregnant woman falling down is arrested for “attempted feticide”

According to Iowa state law, attempted feticide is an trying “to intentionally terminate a human pregnancy, with the knowledge and voluntary consent of the pregnant person, after the end of the second trimester of the pregnancy.”

By this law, a pregnant woman falling down the stairs was jailed 2 days before being released – only because she was in early second trimester – therefore outside of the bounds of the law.

And consider the breaking of confidentiality by the hospital staff

Police were not even involved, she said, until she admitted privately to medical personnel at Great River Medical Center in West Burlington that she did not want the baby at times and had considered abortion because of hardships with her husband.

They promptly called the police on her and a three weeks investigation followed.

The Handmaid Tale days are upon us. It was never about protecting the new born.

It was always about controlling the women.

Watch your step, girls. Don’t step on a crack. Big Brother is watching you!

It was the title suggested by one of my readers, but none have been so clever.

They call it a game changer

and cite his mourning bipartisanship

so no tears from me as Democrats twist in the wind. NY Post as always has a different angle – they might be right!

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