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I have been inventorying losers’ rants as of late. “Please don’t help me!” I should have helped him more” “he was always like this!

Recently I was noticing some B0b0ts have came to terms that in the face of obvious failure they can’t use that argument to lie to themselves

Obama’s conduct in the White House has severely weakened his political position to the point where he managed to resuscitate a moribund Republican Party while putting at risk reelection of the Democratic Congress and himself.

Still, there are those who deem Obama smarter enough than they are so they cannot question his wisdom. I think they lowered the bar – from 12 dimensions to maybe 3, but still peddle the same argument. Notice this discussion from B0botland

Be thankful I’m not the President.

Be thankful I’m not the President.
I’d have our troops out of the ME and Medicare for all.

However, I believe that I’m all kinds of stupid when compared with the current office holder.

There are nuances and factors to leading this country that I’m not aware of and I’m pretty sure that I’d possibly fuck things up royally. I guess I’m saying I have decided to trust the guy I voted for.

As to the previous resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? I think we might have been better off with me there. Or my dog.

Obama doesn’t do everything that my liberal heart desires but I’m pretty sure he’s doing a better job than I could and I’m damned sure that he’s doing a better job than any of the Republicans that wanted the job….

So, I feel lucky even though Obama doesn’t do everything I want as I want.

And I feel that I’d rather have Barack and Joe doing the hard things that I would fuck up beyond all recognition.

The flaws with the rationale are too many to count. I’ll start however with the part where I agree with the B0bot:

I AM thankful that particular B0bot is not the president. I totally believe   that he would fuck things up royally. It’s why I didn’t vote for that B0bot. It’s also why I didn’t vote for Obama, but DNC decided my vote didn’t count.

But I do remember a time when Obama was Teh One, and comparing him to any mortal, B0bot or not, would attract the penalty of being called a racist.

The rest of the argument is pretty much the same every freeper must have had for continuing to stand by W in spite of the obvious failure.:

“better him than the other guys” and “he is not all THAT bad, so stop saying that”. Most other disappointed B0bots find solace in that with only one noticing the problem:

9. You make some good points.

But you set the bar pretty low.

I mean, it’s you, or Obama? Those are my choices?

Because, you know, they are downsizing those expectations

Did I mention that this is on the list of most popular threads there?…

Remember how the Democrats were bragging about Obama’s coatttails?

How as recently as last November Anthony Weiner chided the White House for not lending any help to Bill Thompson in the NY mayoral campaign where Bloomberg barely won after sinking a fortune in the race?

Good times, good times…Only a few months later, LA Times headlines

Some Democrats keep distance from Obama

…and we are given such delicious tidbits as

Cardoza said in an interview, “The president isn’t welcome to campaign with me right now. He is welcome to come to my district and help me do my job, which is providing relief to my constituents.”

Asked whether he wants the president to campaign for him, Costa said: “I’m more popular in my district than the president.”

This is not exactly news, as in NY, the Wall Street candidate, chairman of the DLC is campaigning for Senate as “independent from the party” – which, in my book is the one thing going for him over Gillibrand.

In the other corner, of this loser bitching, some of the B0bots who brought this upon us are wringing their hands and wallowing in guilt:

We have let Obama down

Apparently, some think it’s their fault Obama went to serve the interests of those who bought him because

We on the American left – in a dysfunctional marriage with a bought-and-paid-for Democratic party, tamed by leechlike dependence on “non-profit” liberal foundations themselves funded by corporations, a women’s movement obsessed by the abortion issue, a gay movement fixed on gay marriage – simply aren’t up to the job. We have not backed up Obama with a serious antiwar movement (there isn’t any), and our Big Labour is too weak to fight for itself, let alone for the rest of us

Woa! There’s a lot to digest there! Mixing the buying of Moveon and bloggers with the very faint organized stands for choice and gay rights (from groups that were more interesting in Obama propaganda than representing their members) is quite a mouthful!

Why is labor too weak to fight for itself? Could it be because Obama’s anti-union policies?(remember those selective TARP aids – only to non-union Wall Street? Or this one against teachers?)

And why fight for gay rghts? Could it be because Obama is now to the right of Orin Hatch and Dick Cheney on that?

As for women’s rights –

we get it. B0bot who wrote this thinks we should go knit.

Who cares about civil rights? The only legitimate activism is well, propaganda for Obama – his glory is all that counts

Even in B0botland the FDR parallel in the article draws ridicule

When ‘Eleanor’ is telling BO that childhood obesity is a national security threat……….

while American jobs continue to be outsourced to foreign slave wage nations, it truly shows that our do nothing congress and wh are completely out of touch with our seriously declining national security threat economic world. china has passed Japan as the number 2 economy in the world and WE are next on china’s list. There are no excuses for the failings of our ‘leadership’ on both sides of the aisle and only when the perpetrators are removed from office in November of 2010 and 2012 will there be any hope for real change.

Seems the Messiah days are gone…

The Nobel prize peace prize winner’s war kills civilians now

and that “sweeping into Marjeh” of yesterday is called a “slog” today (the “Victory” headline refers to Olympics)

in NY, the Daily News finds the perfect title for the Cheney-Biden sparing Read the rest of this entry »

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