Every now and again, somewhere in the country the war is remembered as news. here’s Boston Globe with the “unprecedented” angle

and being in Massachusetts, a “congress without Kennedy” is another front page news story. As is in Herald News

but I thought we couldn’t have Hillary because we hated dynasties, non?

And in Nevada they expect “first Obama visit since the remarks It’s Reid’s turn to be “helped”

What will the mayor of Las Vegas say to the slow learner?

and guess what card are they playing now against the mayor?

A handful of Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce members on Friday called for Goodman to step back from his criticisms of Obama, citing worries that the remarks could inflame racist sentiments against the president during his visit.

A “martini summit” is also suggested – by said ward 5. So many gaffes, so many kinds of alcohol…

Meanwhile, in NY, tabloids achieve nearly identical headlines over the Olympics accident

Here is the Daily News

and here is the Post

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