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Recently we were unpacking the schadenfreude in Obama’s chest beating over his being able to pass healthcare reform where Clinton couldn’t

In an editorial titled

What Obama Did Wrong

Eleanor Clift (whom I don’t remember saying anything like this this in the primaries)  heads to the next step – what Hillary might have done instead

If Hillary had been elected, would she have done things differently? Having been burned once with health-care reform, she probably would have approached it more gingerly, and she wouldn’t have felt indebted to Kennedy. Those who know her say she would never have given up that much control to Congress, not so much for ideological or philosophical reasons, but simply because she’s a more controlling personality than Obama. And she certainly wouldn’t have wasted any time seeking bipartisanship. She would have accepted today’s polarizing politics as a fact of life, something to be conquered, not changed.

Notice the obligatory CDS jab about the “more controlling personality than Obama” (because we like in a POTUS to be easily controlled – at least the media does)

But she is essentially right in everything else on Hillary.

Clift’s subtitle is

On health-care reform, the president didn’t repeat Clinton’s mistakes. Obama made new ones.

Clifton is not entirely right to  blame Ted Kennedy for the way the events unfolded.(although its sweet to get to read this:

As it turned out, Kennedy’s endorsement wasn’t enough for Obama to carry Massachusetts, an inkling perhaps of what would follow with this year’s loss of Kennedy’s seat to Republican Scott Brown. Hillary’s feistiness was more popular with working-class Democrats in the state than Obama’s cool intellectualism. The Kennedy mystique took a minor hit,

and then the media fabrication

but the national momentum had shifted to Obama, generationally and culturally, and Kennedy made it happen.

I mean there is truth in the assertion that Kennedy

let it be known he was orchestrating meetings with lobbyists and lawmakers

and he did plenty of that (as did Obama) but Clift doesn’t think the lobbyists imput was what was wrong as much as its timing .

Obama didn’t push for doing HCR first because his debt to ted as much as because of listening to ABC Daschle who was obsessed more with proving the Clintons wrong than accomplishing healthcare

Tom Daschle didn’t much like Hillary Clinton’s tactics for fixing health care 15 years ago – so much so that he wrote a book critiquing them.

And of course, to sum up his other “mistakes” I’ll use opportunistic Bill  Maher’s joke

He even compared Obama to Lindsay Lohan: “[W]e see your name in the paper a lot, but we’re kind of wondering when you’re actually going to do something.”


Found the B0bots discussion of this . Somewhat predictable. Some “know” that Hillary would have done HCR only in the second term, some are upset with the attack on Obama, some think HCR will still happen. But there are still some who see the truth:

12. HCR failed…

..the day The Democratic Party Leadership shit canned the Public Option.

“Without a Public Option, there is no reform.”

“I did not campaign on a Public Option.”

What we are left with is something called “Insurance Reform” that may actually be worse than nothing at all.

Also, I anted to consign here for visibility the little nugget of history Clift gives: it was the Democrats that killed Hillary’s plan:

Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then chair of the Senate Finance Committee, held the Clinton bill aloft, all 1,342 pages, and let it drop to the floor with a thud, signaling what he thought of it.

In case you don’t know, Moynyhan was also the guy heading Reagan’s Social security comission – and he was hellbent on privatizing it. Karma struck as Hillary got to occupy his former senate seat.


Every now and again, somewhere in the country the war is remembered as news. here’s Boston Globe with the “unprecedented” angle

and being in Massachusetts, a “congress without Kennedy” is another front page news story. As is in Herald News

but I thought we couldn’t have Hillary because we hated dynasties, non?

And in Nevada they expect “first Obama visit since the remarks It’s Reid’s turn to be “helped”

What will the mayor of Las Vegas say to the slow learner?

and guess what card are they playing now against the mayor?

A handful of Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce members on Friday called for Goodman to step back from his criticisms of Obama, citing worries that the remarks could inflame racist sentiments against the president during his visit.

A “martini summit” is also suggested – by said ward 5. So many gaffes, so many kinds of alcohol…

Meanwhile, in NY, tabloids achieve nearly identical headlines over the Olympics accident

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