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During my internet-less week long exile, I preserved some of the campaign to take down Paterson – which is obviously coming straight from Obama –  as this refresher from last September indicates

So, now that campaign is about to start, they throw everything at him

and then this

continued on page 2

Paterson taking NY Times to task plus the “Snowmageddon” changed the subject somewhat – but the wolves are not off the prey.


First thing after my internet came back – I checked the tabloids.

In NYC, Bill Clinton’s health scare was big news – I saw some breathless reporting on TV too. Even after the doctor said he’ll be released tomorrow(today) they were still promising us more details about the surgery. Surely tabloids could do no less. Here’s The Daily News

and El Diario

and Wall Street Journal

In Massachusets the big news is Pat Kennedy’s declaring he won’t run

while the New York Times found a poll where Obama fares better and splashed it on the front page (No Clinton worries for CDS NYT)


This unwanted interruption is brought to you by Tome-Warner Manhattan Cable. Internet went out last Saturday and I only got the cable guy today.

I have stitched to Verizon now for DSL (had dropped them bedore from phone service for letting me 3 days without phone).

So, now. I’ll try to catch up, doing maybe some retrospective tabloid editions using photos I took.

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