Nothing says hope and change like promoting Bush holdovers

Obama Chooses Terrible Nominee to Head the DEA

For all the recent rhetoric about changing the focus of our drug policy and moving beyond the war mentality that’s gripped this issue for decades, the White House now plans to promote a Bush Administration holdover who couldn’t more perfectly embody the ugly history we’re all working so hard to put behind us.

Aparently, this is someone with an obsession against medical marijuana – to the point of putting cancer patients in jail.

In B0botland there’s groaning and eye-rolling

9. Perfect.

Just fucking perfect.

I ran out of straws with this guy a long time ago. My damn back is broken.

Hope a Dope strikes again

I bet Rahm is extra happy. Doubleplus happy.

Of course, since he is i charge of nominations. Still, good little catchy new name.

15. it was one thing when he was failing to lead,

but now that obama has turned into ronald reagan, things are getting surreal.

and further

19. Incredibly stupid. All his moves since MA have been in the wrong direction.

He’s not going to be a great president. More like Hoover than even Reagan.

One remembers the last rally

Didn’t I just read,
right here on DU, that “OBAMA SHAMES CENTRISTS” and rallies everyone to opposition?

His walk can’t find his talk.

Hate to say it, told you so right then and there

They are THIS close to “Jr.jr”

Ob-Bush-Obama.gif Bushbama picture by Robbedvoter
36. When DUers said Bush wouldn’t leave office on Jan. 20, 2009, they weren’t kidding.
C’mon! What the hell?