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Fresh on the heels of “don’t insult people with disabilities by comparing them with liberals” brou-ha-ha, comes news of Obama’s latest slap.

It comes in the context of his Q&A with so called Democratic senators and it’s in response to Blanche Lincoln’s demand to smite the retards err heathens:

asked Obama to push back against “people at the extremes” of both parties, especially against Democrats “who want extremes.”

you know, like freedom of choice for women, or lack of monopoly status for insurers – these kinds of extremes.

No one was shocked by the request and after reciting some pablum Obama agreed:

“Blanche is right that we sometimes get bogged down in ideology.”

Ideology= retarded silly stuff such as civil rights, worker rights, no wars and such.

Obama is the post-partisan president – can’t get bogged down by these retarded nonsense.

After all, he represents a base thatΒ  strategists invented for him: Generation Jones

Jonesers are idealistic, Pontell says, but not ideological like boomers.

So, don’t worry, he’s just representing that base. They do exist, right?

Of course, in B0botland, the sky is of another color as they get their news pre-chewed by their propaganda outlet

So suddenly the slogans Obama recited become the headline

Obama Calls Out Conservative Democrats For Their Timidity

and generates more ecstatic headlines there

So, they are grateful, the pundits are grateful…Senators, not so much, it seems. After being delivered this forked tongue speech in front of the cameras, things changed a bit

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Only one paper in Minesotta remembered there’s a war going.

Good headline too!

Your friendly search engine will get NSA on your ass

and there’s that Toyota recall again!

And Brown demanded an even earlier seating

and got it – apparently the SNL skit was right – no one can refuse him anything

and only the metro papers mention Bill Clinton’s new role in organizing the help there

here he is in NYC’s edition , next to some crazy Bloomberg/MTA venture…

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