According to Politico, the girl who made that embarrassing video is now sober and all she can say for herself is

“I just don’t have that big crush like I used to,” Ettinger said.

“But at least I wasn’t the ‘Edwards Girl,'” she added.

The Obama shill (formerly the Shrill one) feels about the same

Democrats were looking for leadership; they didn’t get it. Ten days later, nobody is sure what Obama intends to do, and his aides are giving conflicting readings. It’s as if Obama checked out.

What’s now in question isn’t his ability to talk, it’s his ability to lead.

It’s true and belies that other NY Times headline

Where Clinton Turned Right, Obama Plowed Ahead

In B0botland, they are still euphoric that their guy dared to talk to Republicans

But some of them do pay attention to some realities

NEWSWEEK – OPR Report – ALTERED – To Cover Bush DOJ Malfeasance…

OPR Report Altered To Cover Bush DOJ Malfeasance

Mike Isikoff and Dan Klaidman put up a post about an hour ago letting the first blood for the Obama Administration’s intentional tanking of the OPR (Office of Professional Responsibility) Report. In light of Obama’s focused determination to sweep the acts of the Bush Administration, no matter how malevolent, under the rug and “move forward” the report is not unexpected. However, digesting the first leak in what would appear to be a staged rollout is painful:

Wait till they find out about the upcoming bipartisanship! (Olympia Snowe , Collins repeat)…