I am sure you never heard that one before.

In an exclusive interview with ABC’s “World News” anchor Diane Sawyer, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said he believes he is making good on his promise of a “quantum shift” on the battlefield.
“We’ve been at this for about seven months now and I believe we’ve made progress.

It’s not a completed mission yet,” he said.

Interestingly, ABC changed the original title of their article (same as mine) to

Gen. Stanley McChrystal Says Fight Is in Afghanistan, Not Yemen

Maybe they read the rest of the article

Despite signs of progress, the fight for Afghanistan appeared to be becoming more deadly as U.S. and NATO troops heightened their presence and increased their patrols.

Another alarming trend is that civilian fatalities in Afghanistan rose significantly in 2009 for the second straight year, according to United Nations numbers obtained by ABC News, mostly because of growing Taliban violence rather than U.S. and coalition mistakes

The U.N. said 2,412 civilians died in 2009, an increase of 14 percent over the prior year and nearly 60 percent over 2007.

I think McChrystal was deployed to the media

(like he was before)

to make the case for not deploying to Yemen. Which I agree, but all this Afghanistan bragging is embarrassing. Especially when whatever progress he is boasted, is paid for

Karzai to pay Taliban to lay down their arms

Afghan President Hamid Karzai unveiled an ambitious Western-funded plan Friday to offer money and jobs to tempt Taliban fighters to lay down their arms in an effort to quell a crippling insurgency.


Politico has a fluff piece about Obama as Comander in chief

We learned how his handlers taught him to salute, how

or he puts on surgical scrubs to pray at the bedside of an unconscious Marine whose injuries are so severe it appears he won’t make it through the week.

and how much more awesome jr.jr is than both Jr and – of course Bill Clinton

But Obama hasn’t wanted to mirror former President Bill Clinton, either. Clinton, another Democrat, was accused of being a draft-dodger, mocked for his wobbly salute and stumbled over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell very early in his first term – a policy the Obama White House has kept “under review” for the past year, to the deep dismay of gay-rights groups.

“Bill Clinton and George W. Bush seem actually to have evolved as commanders in chief – Clinton because he was ambivalent about the military and Bush because it took 9/11 to get him engaged,” said Fred Greenstein, a presidential historian at Princeton University. “I don’t see this in Obama. I see a mix of patriotism and his cerebral tendency to step back and analyze issues and policy.”

Because of course, we know – Obama is no draft dodger! He would have joined the army if only a war was going on so he could actually kill people..