I  checked Massachusetts papers and got this gem about “I endorsed Obama first” Kerry

One for the Schadenfreude list! To think DNC picked him as our candidate in 2004! Here’s Kerry grumbling about it in 2008

“ ‘John Kerry doesn’t get anything done. John Kerry lives in the shadow of Ted Kennedy. John Kerry doesn’t deliver. Blah, blah, blah,’ ” Kerry told the Herald in an October 2008 interview. “I’m sort of tired of that, actually. I’m going to fight back a little harder to make sure people understand that that’s an insult to my staff when people say that.”

Meanwhile, upstate NY, they talk about “bruised Obama” trying to change subject, image

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal shows us an image of the new populist Obama golfing with his friendly banker, as well as the old news of Bernake’s nomination hitting snags

as they finally break the news about Bernake’s woes in getting re-confirmed

New York Times is also on this yesterday news

while upstate, Buffalo News has anti-choicers march and effort to get their language in the HCR – not gnomes they