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CBS gives us some fun ones

He used a TelePrompTer at least 178 times. (Technically, it was 177 ½ . On July 13, 2009, one of the teleprompter screens on the left side of his lectern fell to the ground and broke shortly after he began speaking. So he was left with half a TelePrompTer.)

Or at least the mandates in it.

After reports yesterday that Obama will get combative on HCR no matter the outcome from Mass special election

it was interesting today to see Obama asking the Senate not to jam HCR by voting until the new senator took office

President Obama warned Democrats in Congress today not to “jam” a health care reform bill through now that they’ve lost their commanding majority in the Senate, and said they must wait for newly elected Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown to be sworn into office.

Of course the “warning” was just saving face after the numerous public statements coming from both House and Senate.

There was Barney Frank

Barney Frank Concedes Health Care Approach ‘No Longer Appropriate’ After Brown Beats Coakley

and then came Stupak waving the lifers flag again

“I still think there’s at least 10 to 12 [Democratic] members [who had voted for the bill in November] who have indicated to me that they would not vote for the bill unless it had the Stupak language [on abortion].”

And from the progressive side

although I know they’ll be folding soon

Then there was Claire Caskill and Jim Webb in the Senate and before them all, there was slippery Lieberman yesterday

And for all the blaming Martha and the feminists, or the liberals – there’s no avoiding the exit polls truth

Scott Brown’s opposition to congressional health care legislation was the most important issue that fueled his U.S. Senate victory in Massachusetts, according to exit poll data collected following the Tuesday special election.

Fifty-two percent of Bay State voters who were surveyed as the polls closed said they opposed the federal health care reform measure and 42 percent said they cast their ballot to help stop President Obama from passing his chief domestic initiative.

So this all explains the Village Voice headline

Scott Brown Wins Mass. Race, Giving GOP 41-59 Majority in the Senate

Will this disclose the GOP secret plan of letting HCR pass while appearing to oppose it?

All I know is that for now, I am celebrating.

But then, of course, this is politics and it may only signal a change of slogans/strategy

But it’s quite the change from what NYT was writing four days ago.

Support for the health care overhaul could grow if it is enacted into law and Americans decide that it has left them better off, as Mr. Obama says will happen..


barnet Frank recanted and apologized he is now ready to vote for the senate’s bill. I bet Stupak stays firm

On the bright side, Krugman has momentarily found his integrity

<!– — Updated: 7:18 pm –>

He Wasn’t The One We’ve Been Waiting For


First: congratulations to Barney Frank for getting it

Barney Frank Concedes Health Care Approach ‘No Longer Appropriate’ After Brown Beats Coakley

Meanwhile, in B0botland

Here’s a show stopper:

Why President Obama should pull a S.P., pack up and go back to Shy-Town……

It’s really an: “you racists, you never gave the poor baby a chance” deal, but good headline!

I would not blame President Obama if he was to pack his lovely family and high tail it back to Chicago. He did not make this mess that we are in but he is expected to fix it overnight (in one short year). If President Obama was not the race that he was, he would have had time to deal with this mess, more time….I totally believe this. For him, his time was really four months to get it done. The tide started turning against President Obama after this time and has been moving downhill since.

thatsracistgm7.gif image by Robbedvoter

A special mention to one of my favorite posters there who delivers a swift kick in the ass to the cheerleader brigade

Now. It is done. Y’all need to do DU a favor and instead of posting
go back and read some of the shit that was posted yesterday and DIGEST it thoroughly.

The realization of what is wrong with the democratic party is in those posts.

Cheerleading with your eyes closed is going to fuck you every time. – Xultar

and the thread is quite popular. But the shills are still active. They now swoon over political formalities

Obama Congratulates Brown on ‘Well Run’ Campaign

They find it so “classy”. I’d say it is classier than thumbing his nose at the Nevada voters in 2008…

Other notable headlines

Happy anniversary, President Obama. Get your shit together


It’s been a year now since that great and glorious day of your inauguration. And your big present today? A smack in the face and a kick in the ass. You’ve earned it.

Sen-Elect Scott Brown on NBC’s Today Show summed it up: People are ANGRY. This vote was not about YOU – most people still like you. But people are sending you a message about YOUR GOVERNMENT: too many promises are un-kept or unfulfilled.

Right, as the break-up line goes: “It’s not you, it’s me”. And it’s all over the place:

Shills are taking comfort in Brown’s words

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In honor of the big upset, I shall post some Mass tabloids as well

Boston Herald does a Dewey beats Truman take-off

Boston Metro has a nice variation of the term “Bagging” thrown around these days

but the most satisfying hedline comes from the Telegram& gazette – for turning a smarmy gossip book on its head – now, that’s Schadenfreude!

Still, the NY Tabloids have more pizzaz

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