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Well, while I am sorry a good candidate fell victim to bad policies, message delivered.

meanwhile back in B0botland

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Boston Globe has live reports from all precincts.

The turnout is clearly unprecedented.

Some of the comments

VOTED FOR:   Scott Brown (GOP)
HOW CROWDED:   Quite busy in spite of it snowing. However the line moved quickly due to the short ballot.
OTHER COMMENTS:   I’m an independent and am tired of political hacks driving htis country into the ground financially, so this time I voted for Brown.


VOTED FOR:   Martha Coakley (Dem)
HOW CROWDED:   The polling place was not crowded, but the parking lot was a complete disaster. It might have been nice if one of the five police officers inside the gym could have gone outside to direct traffic.
OTHER COMMENTS:   I was at the polls right at 7:00am. There were already several dozen Scott Brown supporters outside the high school. That number increased dramatically in the half hour it took me to get out of the parking lot.


Scott Brown (GOP)
HOW CROWDED:   Not very. A steady stream of voters came in, but an efficient polling place kept things from being crowded.
OTHER COMMENTS:   I walked through the snow to vote for Scott Brown because I am opposed to Obama’s health care plan.

Given the shortness of this race, I think questions remain about how well Scott will lead in the Senate. But he is the stronger candidate.

It’s worth checking out.

Some interesting moments on the Daily Show at the end of the first segment (mostly railing against Martha), and a delicious second segment – Donna Brazile appearing for Reid in Las Vegas – must see!

Meanwhile, B0botland is empty. Some of their most popular threads are about a cat saving a family and being rich for having a family and pets.

Facebook frienships end because of supporting the wrong candidate (some B0bots simply stop going there being outnumbered)

Some can’t get to voting polls because of the snow

while others explain why bad weather favors the GOP

Others are optimistic based on their friends voting

or in a way crazier vein, taking comfort in Hillary’s New Hampshire “upset” (the irony overload there is not lost on some). Me? I thought they all agreed she stole NH?

Some become afraid of Twitter (Scott Brown is the top trending topic)

Some become pessimistic because Zogby predicted Martha will win. The schadenfreude here is intoxicating! Zogby is now called “the kiss of death” by B0bots. Must add to Schadenfreude list


Here’s a first hand account with thoughts on the meaning of turnout

Just voted (Yarmouth Port, on the Cape). Parking lot packed. Very high turnout,

I was told. Although this is usually in our favor, I’m not sure
in this case because this town has a lot of Repugs and Independents.
Fingers crossed! Pray, pray, pray.

TONS of Brown supporters in front of the polling place, waving their signs.
Three for Coakley.

Kaopectate, anyone?

others react to Axelrod’s “had she asked earlier..?

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12. I thought Obama was the LEADER of the Dems n/t

and another “meaning of turnout” discussion

6. well, except independents outnumber dems and they’re supposedly breaking

2 to 1 for brown. high turnout in Boston is good. In quite a few towns like those around Peabody- Boxford, Topsfield, etc. not so good.

This was the great choice of headline of the NY Post headline

but the topic is page one on most papers today. Here’s Metro spilling it

It almost doesn’t matter what the result will be – the message is now loud and clear: Kill the Bill

and WSJ

NYT’s headline seems to assume a Brown win as a foregone conclusion

and AM NY has a new twist in the war of the sexes

among the lucky breaks” women caught:

.The economic crisis likely played a role, too.

Steve Green, 37, of Battery Park City, said. “The recession hit traditional male occupations – like finance – very hard,”

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