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Apparently, Barney Frank when asked if Martha’s dip in polls is connected to Obama answered

Obama is not Martha Coakley in drag.

I think he is right – because – watch this video – they aren’t booing Martha, they are booing Obama-not-in-drag

So, it’s not such a stretch for Boston Herald to proclaim that

Backing from Barack may doom Martha

it ends with

like voters in Virginia and New Jersey, Massachusetts folk really can get this one squared away all by ourselves, thanks.The good news is, Mr. President, that at least it won’t be as bad as that bid for the Olympics you made in Copenhagen, where the committee was voting against Chicago’s offer before you even got back on Air Force One.

At least we don’t vote until Tuesday.

We already know Democrats are too arrogant to recognize how unpopular HCR is.

They didn’t realize that the tides turned against Coakley in Massachusetts the moment she was forced to endorse that bill.

DSCC is pushing this further by spending money to advertise for Brown. On TV


No shit, Sherlock! So do 51% of Massachusetts voters per a recent poll

And this is from the B0bots

If you lie down with insurance company dogs, you get fleas….and lose elections.

Many Americans have looked at this health insurance bill and realize it is a giveaway of their shrinking salaries to Wall Street, like the “bailout.” And like the “bailout”, there are NO conditions on the Wall Street companies, the finance and insurance industries. There’s just more and more subsidizing of these wealthy companies by the working and middle classes.

And some of us are sick and fucking tired of corporate welfare.

Anyone remember Kill the Bill?..

However as Nagourney says in the NYT

Support for the health care overhaul could grow if it is enacted into law and Americans decide that it has left them better off, as Mr. Obama says will happen


Here comes Joementum with a clue

Hartford, CT- Joe Lieberman may be close to announcing his suppport for Massachusetts Senate Candidate Scott Brown.  Citing the historical Healthcare Reform Bill as the main issue attracting Lieberman to endorse Brown’s Campaign.  Scott Brown is vehemently opposed to the proposed Healthcare Legislation.

Hey, Joe, you voted for it, remember? Right after removing the last vestiges of a reform from it.

Democrats revived an old proposal to expand Medicare, but Lieberman voted  no.  That plan was considered by a small percentage of liberals as a decent alternative to the public option leaving Lieberman at odds with Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid.

Hmmm…Even after being given everything he wanted, huh?

Update 2

Valhalla posts at the Confluence a time line proving the role of the HCR in the switch of the polls

Nov 8: Suffolk Univ. poll shows Coakley clobbering Brown if that’s the final matchup, 58 to 27%.

Nov 10: Coakley says she would vote against the House version of hc bill if it contained the Stupak amendment.

Dec. 8: Coakley wins Dem. primary with almost as many votes as her 3 opponents combined (47% of vote).

Dec. 20: Coakley says she’ll support the Senate version of the hc bill which contains the Nelson compromise restricting abortion rights. Nelson compromise is microscopically better than Stupak.

No polls were conducted for a few weeks, although Coakley’s schedule, posted online, looks pretty busy aside from the holidays.

Jan 5: Rasmussen poll shows Coakley ahead of Brown by 9 only.

Jan. 12: Rasmussen again shows Coakley ahead, but only by 2. Subsequent polls show Brown ahead in some cases, among likely voters.

What changed between Nov and Jan? Mass. voter approval of the hc bill dropped below 50% (in some polls), Obama’s approval ratings fell below 50% (again in some polls), Coakley flipped on abortion restrictions in the bill, and Brown started explicitly running against the bill. The bill or bills, already horrible, got worse and worse.

Upstate, Buffalo News tells us who didn’t get a bailout and it’s suppose to get cuts

while NY Post is carrying on Obama’s agenda of replacing rebellious Paterson – trying what worked on Spitzer

NY Times is harping some more on the Democrats electoral woes

BOSTON — There may be no better place to measure the shifting fortunes of President Obama and the Democratic Party than in the race being fought here this weekend for the Senate seat that had been held by Edward M. Kennedy.

When Mr. Obama was inaugurated one year ago this week, he and his party had big majorities in the Senate and House, enjoyed the backing of much of the country and were confidently preparing to enact an ambitious legislative agenda. Republicans seemed directionless and the conservative movement exhausted.

This weekend, Democrats are struggling to hang on to a seat held by Mr. Kennedy for 46 years in one of the most enthusiastically Democratic states in the country. Conservatives are enjoying a grass-roots resurgence, and Republicans are talking about taking back the House in November.

And the funniest thing of all – Obama & friends think everything will be fine once HCR is shoved down our throats! Which Nagourney dutifully reinforces in his article

Support for the health care overhaul could grow if it is enacted into law and Americans decide that it has left them better off, as Mr. Obama says will happen

Yeah, cuz father always knows best

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