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Lots happened since I posted the first part of post-racial wars this morning.

A lot of them were recorded in the commentary

Al Sharpton loving the light skin and negro dialect but disturbed by Clinton‘s comments about jr senators bringing coffee to seniors

Now the woman who hated being called first lady charms with the most handkerchief-dropping feminine wiles and stratagems, from fetching coffee for senior male Senate colleagues to stepping to the background so that preening male peacocks can hog the live shot.”

(M0D0 on Hillary)

Sharpton was the signal that as Democrats rally around Harry Reid, they try to – once again distract the GOP – and us with another dose of CDS.

Ben Stein at Politico is ready to deliver the adequate gossip from the last trash book

with a headline that shows  that he’s enjoying this a tad too much:

Game over: The Clintons stand alone

Comments are the only thing worth reading there

But back in the Senate, Feingold is not going with the party line

Feingold Criticizes Reid, Declines to Endorse Him as Leader

In an interview with ABC affiliate WISN, Feingold criticized Reid’s characterization of President Barack Obama as “light-skinned” without “Negro dialect.” Feingold called those comments “unfortunate and racially insensitive.”

and it could sting

and his comments could severely undercut claims by Reid’s office and other top Democrats that the Majority Leader enjoys the full support of his Conference.

B0bots are upset by this misuse of race card

Barbara2423 (153 posts)
6. Reid was correct in his statement.
So, don’t get mad he was only telling the truth. Besides there alot of people especially African Americans of a certain age who still use the term “Negro” do describe black or African American people. I don’t find it offensive at all. Reid supported Obama so, let his actions speak for themselves. We should however turn on stupid and dumb Michael Steele who wrote and is promoting a book on how to destroy President Barack. Don’t let Steele turn this thing around. Let’s support Reid. (I know that is a stretch for Democrats to support another Democrat).

rwheeler31 Donating Member (1000+ posts)

7. That was stupid Feingold is smarter than that.

Doesn’t Feingold know that Reid and Biden got the green light from Obama to spout racial slurs till the cows come home? Sheesh! Just read this


Harry Reid’s comments were NOT RACIST!!!!


Why does everyone (the media specifically) help keep the GOP vapors alive when that horse should have died long ago?

In that case – why was Obama such a great man for accepting the apology? (and why apologize?)

and h/t the Confluence, Glenn Greenwald has the right words for the latest piece of gossip

The real value of a book like this lies in the opportunity it presents for Washington’s elite class to distract themselves and everyone else from the oozing corruption, destruction, decaying and pillaging going on — that these same Washington denizens have long enabled.


The media sleazebags who turned Bill Clinton’s penile spots, cigars and semen stains into headline news for two straight years haven’t gone anywhere; they’re actually stronger and more dominant than ever.


AP is trying to help Reid by saying


Reid’s comment — that Obama was “light-skinned” and did not speak with a “Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one” — is not so different from comments the president made himself while navigating the complicated path of race and politics during his rapid rise to the White House.

A long explanation for changing mannerisms state by state follows

As Obama traveled across the country in the long Democratic primary fight, his policy proposals sounded largely the same from state to state. That was not always the case for his inflection and mannerisms.

And before you accuse AP of racism, they tell you Clinton and Bush also did it.

So, all that was wrong with what Reis said, was the use of the word Negro.

Also, in B0botland, the Sharpton’s view that whatever is attributed to Clinton has to be worse than Reid is shared

Bill Clinton and Blago’s racist comments were more racist, but the media/GOP will only focus on Reid

with a few dissenting – mostly for crass opportunistic reasons

Response to Reply #5
14. The claim that Bubba made a “getting us coffee” to Kennedy raises a red flag for me.
Edited on Mon Jan-11-10 11:43 PM by burning rain
Bubba’s plenty smart, and no person with even half a brain would say such a thing to Ted Kennedy and hope to be on his good side. Everyone knows that such a remark would enrage Ted.

And if Game Change is in part an anti-Clinton hit job by Obamalators, I must say that’s a folly even from the authors’ point of view, as the president depends on a political union with the Clintons, so that this sort of shit-stirring can only hurt him.

“So, you may think Clinton is the right person to accuse of racism, but the timing is wrong – therefore lay off ”

When in doubt on the use of the race card, always look to Obama for cues.

Update 2

At the Confluence, Mary gives us the TV-Fox circus

Ok, a little comic relief:

On MSNBC (Ed Show): James Clyburn quote: “What’s wrong with using the word ‘Negro?’ ”

On Fox News, Ann Coulter to Al Sharpton re Reid’s “negro dialect” comment:
“Did he (Reid) ask you to stop using your ‘Negro dialect?’ ”

Sharpton was speechless. Duh

Also, a good debunk of the Clinton mud from someone who self-describes

I have no particular reluctance to believe bad things about Bill Clinton,

and liking the idea of racist implications in the quote. After all the qualifiers meant to confer him credibility, the summary

we have is Heliemann and and Halperin’s reporting of what some unnamed third party told them Kennedy had told him about something Clinton had supposedly said to Kennedy.  That’s three layers of hearsay, one of them anonymous and another of them dead.

Ain’t the post-racial era grand?

Update 3

peter Daou steps up to answer Ben Stein’s mudslinging

as a former adviser and a senior staffer/department head at her presidential campaign, I’ll proudly defend Hillary Clinton and I’ll do whatever I can to counter lies, smears and mischaracterizations.

And I am not talking of Blago saying – not all together crazily that “he is blacker than Obama” and fondly remembering Roland Buris using it against Obama although I recall Reid got thrown into the briar patch then too for first refusing to confirm Buris and having to reverse his very public decision when played the race card

No, this time it’s all Dems rallying around “Negro supporting” Reid throwing it back at the GOP

Democrats launch counterattack to save Harry Reid’s career

And how do we know this will work? because Chucky-take a two-by-four-to Hillary- Schumer thinks it will
Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, the no. 3 Democrat, is said to be quite certain Reid would ride out the controversy, particularly since Obama and the Rev. Al Sharpton had accepted Reid’s apology and issued effusively supportive statements.

I mean, really, when did Sharpton’s help not work? (OK, maybe when  he declared that he’ll keep his endorsement of Obama a secret, but what other time?)

In case you don’t get Chucky two by four: not just Obama, but a bona fide dark skinned, Negro dialected guy forgave him – which in itself is pretty hysterical and kinda vindicates Blago’s seemingly loony statement

Yeah, I can’t wait to meet Reid’s best friend. The one who is black that is. Dark skinned and speaking Negro dialect.

Politico mentions some choice Reid homilies collected by the GOP. My favorite is this one

He once said you can tell it’s summertime at the Capitol “because you can smell the visitors, [who] stand out in the high humidity, heat, and they sweat.”

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For once there’s no one single subject in all the papers. The gossip book is only mentioned in Buffalo on the Reid fallout

I can’t say I blame GOP for jumping on this one. The case for hypocrisy is solid.

Yesterday was “Take off your pants on the Subway Day”  in NYC – 8000 people participated – we saw them coming out in the cold at Union Square in the frigid day. Some of them made it into a window of a store (DSW) and they were playing manequins to the delight of the crowd (Sorry, I had no camera on me)

Metro has the early jump on the campaign against Paterson

NY Post is enjoying the competition’s scheduling woes

(hey, Time Warner clients, did you lose Fox channel yet or not?)

The NY Times is seemingly taking Gillibrand’s side in the upcoming race

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