For once Obama said the right thing, taking responsibility – yet no “bestest speech” crowing in the papers.

He gets one straight headline upstate

but another puts the damning headline right under it

In NYC, they’re less generous.

The Daily News stops cheerleading as it follows up on yesterday’s story

while NY Post gives him a sarcastic “‘Atta Boy”, Bush style for talking more like a Republican

.h/t Catarina at the Confluence – the post has a delicious article too

Hillary was right! O fails the ‘3 a.m. phone’ test

Turns out Hillary Rodham Clinton was right all along.During the nastiest battle of the entire 2008 presidential race, she aired an alarming television commercial warning voters that they would come to regret nominating Barack Obama to occupy the White House.

If — in a national security crisis — the “red phone” rang at 3 a.m., the ad intoned, Obama would not hear it.

Or he would fail to answer it.

Or he would be on vacation.

and ends with

But it is not like we weren’t warned by Hillary Clinton.

There was, however, a glint of good news yesterday. Obama invited former President Bill Clinton into the White House for an unexpected private chat.

Let’s hope Obama asked him where the red phone is and how to answer it.