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Now that the “reconciliation” between the Senate and House bills is taking place – secretly – this is one of the questions.

The House bill had a tax on the wealthy, the Senate a tax on the “Cadillac plans”(i.e plans which actually pay for healthcare)

So, which one is Mr Hope & change pushing for?

In case you didn’t guess right away here’s a clue from the past – a story “leaked’ repeatedly about a fallback White House draft of the bill

Obama will save us “if Congress veers too far left”

This is the paragraph present in all versions of the “leak”

White House is also preparing its own “contingency” bill as a backup plan if Congress veers too far left

I also had a clue this was coming when I read this kind of spin

“‘Cadillac’ tax isn’t a tax — it’s a plan to finance real health reform”

.Funniest line:

It would also be progressive, in that it would take from those with the most generous insurance to finance the expansion of coverage to those without insurance.

Oh, wait, there’s a funnier one:

And when firms reduce their insurance generosity, they make it up in higher pay for their workers.

It didn’t go over very well with all B0bots either

Hey, sorry but I’m amazed.

I have a life away from the keyboard but you seemingly have all this time for NARRATIVE. Even if it just justifies transferring all our middle class taxes to the upper 1%.

You have to be the most dedicated Obama volunteer on this planet not to mention DU. :shrug:

Really, you are amazing and that is partially a complement albeit also perplexing.

Seems it’s time for Obama to come to the rescue of the rich –

he suddenly gets active on this again:


Obama favors ‘Cadillac tax’ for healthcare

The president’s decision, coming as the White House takes a more active role in final negotiations between the House and the Senate, could pressure the House to drop its tax hike on the wealthy.

Whew! That was a close one, wealthy guys! That radical pinko commie House almost stuck it to us! Good thing Senate and Obama are vigilant!

LA Times has this to say of “the enemy”:

Powerful labor unions at the core of the Democratic base are opposed to the Cadillac tax, saying that in some cases union members gave up wage increases in return for richer healthcare benefits.

Powerful, but we left you dust! And cheated you in the process with your silly negotiations in the past! Ha!ha!

Obama made his views known at a late-afternoon meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) and other senior Democrats.

So, there! Shut up and pay!

Here’s a B0bot’s video recalling campaign promises: he was denouncing McCain for the same position – and the use of “Cadillac plans”

Well, at least we know why they insisted that the  negotiations be secret – Congress was supposed to be the only bad guy here, Obama can do no wrong


Here’s Jon Stewart on Stealth care Reform

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He does say in the clip that we’ll have it on C-Span “so we’ll see who’s compromising”

(video is from hulu – it’s the whole show. But the clip is in the first 10 minutes, so choose the version without the movie trailer)