It was the Obama campaign trying to make a buck, harvest some phone # and throw another kick of the hoof Hillary’s way (with the timing).

I wrote about it at the time here. Since that brief moment in the limelight, the “winner”,Joe seems to have been stored in Cheney’s “undisclosed location”. It’s almost ready for one of those “Where are they now” feature.

Luckily, a White House Flicker official photo collection offers us the answer:

in the dog house

Some blogs are kicking it around – with the funniest comments at The Confluence, as well as more fun photos.

Of course, Andrew Sullivan being involved, accusations of “smearing Obama” also fly at the ones believing their own eyes.

But I go back to that day at 3 AM: Congratulations, Joe! You surely won! I don’t know what exactly, but you won!

And since this brings out there funny photos, this is from TOTUS’ collection on facebook:


Bizarre reactions in B0botland