I said it and was proven right in 2000, 2004 and 2008.

So now that the Conflucians are discussing the many ways the will of the voters was thwartedΒ  in the last election as well as the shock of the B0bots that it was not done for a good candidate, I just need to air it out there for any future elections: if your candidate despises the democratic process, don’t be surprised that he/she will despise the people in making policy once enabled to power

While B0bots were projecting on Hillary such epithets as “entitled”, it was Michelle announcing all of us that we only have a shot at her husband, he won’t do that again. It was Obama who was blowing raspberries to the Nevada voters by refusing to concede and posting on his site “Niah, niah, I still got more delegates” or sending his surrogate Kerry to the media to ask “do not cover the Florida primaries, they don’t count”

So, why be surprised now by “I never campaigned on public option” and other pearls?