That’s it. rebellion over. Back in the fold now – all it took was bend over Howard Dean and they submitted.

I have been taking screen shots of the most popular titles in B0botland because I knew the rebellion wouldn’t last long.

Here’s B0botland  2 weeks, days ago, the  BEFORE shots

e308536.gif picture by Robbedvoter


AFTER :  (Dean selling out, massive amount of shills on the site) – the screen shot of today

The graph referred to in the first title is from Andrew Sullivan on health care costs in US vs the world. A justification for the health Club for men Only one person points that HCR doesn’t help – maybe hurts with that.

The second line in the third title is

I will not be taking part in any effort to dismantle his presidency.

Note that it’s the same poster at #1 in the “before” shot.

No one in the Lieberman thread brings out this headline

Obama Ordered U.S. Military Strike on Yemen Terrorists

None of the 5263 people reading this found that article.

Fingers tight in the ears, going la-la-la..

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