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I found this in B0botland. In spite of some calling it a bad photoshop, it’s a bona fide official PR photo of Obama getting the swine flu shot.

My caption:

Now that the campaign is over, I can let the color come off. But you have to admit, it WAS unprecedented!

It seems an exercise in futility to write about the Obama media and propaganda – but now that they intensify it for Health Club for Men, it’s relevant.

I can’t begin to count the levels of irony of this piece from a conservative blog


Schultz: WH Contacts Team ‘Joe’ Directly During Program!

and it follows with videos and transcripts from Ed Schultz’s appearance on the Morning  Joe show (MSNBC) and his comments on his show:

So Mika starts looking at her Blackberry and so does Scarborough and obviously the White House is texting them or emailing them or whatever and they didn’t like the show. Because Arianna had been on there, I’m on there, Howard Dean had been on there and they wanted some balance.

Now think about that – here’s the White House getting in contact with ‘Morning Joe’ because they’re afraid there’s too many lefties on the air!

Oh, where to start? Where to start?

Maybe to their exit question

Now, imagine if Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, or another non-“progressive” host had been caught taking orders from Bush during the program. When would we ever hear the end of that?

Well, I do remember Dick Cheney giving those people interviews. And more to the point I remember Cheney calling CNN asking them to get rid of Wesley Clark or cancel The Spin Room because “the young guy couldn’t keep up with the old one” – and they complied – getting rid of their highly successful, prime time one hour version with Bill Press and Tucker Carlson.

Yes, Virginia, the “state” has been controlling the media for some time now.

So, now that I established the Jr.jr quality of this incident let’s ask the next question:

Who are these “lefties” again?

Ariana from Huffpo which just got a seat in the White House daily briefing room? The ones Vanity Fair was admiringly writing about

The Obamas may have the smartest, most finely calibrated press operation in White House history, parceling out scoops (The New York Times), partisan talking points (the Huffington Post), and First Family tidbits (the celebrity mags) to a desperate media.

And let’s not go in the history of what Schultz and Dean did last year… let’s just say, they all get a glimpse of what they put fellow Democrats through.

Calling himself, Ariana and Dean “lefties” is also a side splitter .

Where were those “lefties” during Obama’s FISA vote last year, during his bailout to Wall Street,  his state secrets binge, escalation of war in Afghanistan and thumbing his nose at women, gays and pretty much everyone who didn’t write very fat checks ?

Glad that I am that the latest betrayal in the healthcare reform finally woke up some of the Obama cheerleaders , but calling themselves “lefties” is quite a stretch.

Sorry Ed, but I remember you on Air America – when I was still listening praising Bush talking to the soldiers in Iraq in a staged TV conference that lefties were laughing off at the time.

So, now that the White House is rolling the big propaganda it paid for with pharma deals, let’s see how long these lefties will stay on the opposition…

Howard dean already went from his silly “I’ll support Obama, but not vigurously” to “vigurously” over the weekend. How many calls or texts will take for the rest to see the light in the Insurers’ bill? I’ll be following.

That being said, I agree with my source “The Radio Equalizer” – state controlled media is a very bad thing for democracy.

Just as bad as  corporations owned media. The two are actually hard to distinguish, now that the corporations themselves own the state (they write energy bills, insurance bills and field candidates for POTUS). Which means that soon, the left and right’s talking points will also merge.

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