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Until now, we were thrown generic guilt trips: you don’t want the uninsured to die, do you?

But now, we go back to campaign time propaganda.

For disclosure: I was never a Deaniac and I am not sentimental in the least about what is going on.

I think Dean is right asking to “Kill the Bill” and I was expecting attacks on him from the Obama media.

Like this ingenious sophistry from Ambinder

Does Obama Hate Liberals?

Does President Obama have contempt for liberals? No. The administration is virtually infested with liberals. And they’re not inclined to be self-hating.

which calls Dean irrelevant

Howard Dean has become the talisman for a bundle of anxieties (the bank bailouts, Afghanistan surging, card check, state secrets, gay rights, civil liberties) — this was HIS party before it was Obama’s, remember — but now, figures like Andy Stern, the White House’s most powerful labor ally, are voicing doubts about Obama’s willingness to fight for progressive causes.

But now there are racism insinuationsΒ  in this article.

From the second paragraph we are sent back to the 2004 primaries Republican arguments about “elitist democrats”

The 2004 presidential campaign that propelled Dean to national prominence was fueled predominantly by “wine track” Democratic activists-generally college-educated white liberals.

Soon, we find out that

Minorities don’t seem to have much doubt about their investment in this debate.

So, Howard Dean and followers, do you want black people to die? Do ya? Why else would you make trouble for the first black President, huh?

In view of what Dean did in the last elections,

I don’t even know whether to laugh or cry about this. But there’s one word that covers all my contradictory feelings:

As for the irony of bringing up Dean’s elitism…..

Ironic too – the “Creative class” that was so far ruling – seems to be now just a bunch of clueless bigots?