I just went to B0botland to see how it feels when they run out of excuses

The multi-dimensional chess on Pluto theory is officially discarded

He’s not playing chess.

They will pass an insurance/big pharma giveaway bill and call it reform. Those of us who can’t afford private insurance will be fined. People will die.

And Obama will claim it as a victory, as part of his legacy. This is the “change” he promised. The “hope” part was just to get us to contribute to his campaign.

Here’s a screen shot of the 10 greatest threads

The reactions to Obama asking for “differences not to derail the bill” are amazing

lapfog_1 Donating Member (1000+ posts)
3.Β Tell me again what’s in the bill that anyone other than insurance companies
and President Obama want.

Fuck this. I’m done.

And if he loses me, he is done as President.

He now faces 3+ years of being a lame duck.

And also:
Iowa (1000+ posts)
25.Β Yep. I can’t even stand to hear his sleazy, smarmy voice anymore…
…with all his fake loftiness, passion, and sincerity. And Obama could not have come at a worse time for the country; when we needed an LBJ or an FDR, we got an inept powder puff.
placton (1000+ posts)
23.Β placton to Obama: STFU
I am sick of hearing your platitudes, and excuses, and your decisions that screw over your country and put the lie to your campaign promises
Oh, well, but when we were telling them that during the campaign, we were racists, GOP-ers, bitter, uneducated, etc.
And we had no buckets…
..but as for them, I believe they have to remember they are all a team – “they” elected them – or so they believed until today