Here’s a column written by someone who was keeping score better than I did

Anticipating Tuesday’s special election

A non-Kennedy, non-Obama candidate  may win the special election to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, and become the first woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate from that ultra liberal state.If Clinton supporter and Massachusetts Attorney General  Martha Coakley wins  that will make the ninth score that Clinton has settled. And it will have happened in the state that the Kennedy family once ruled.

The handy list of Clinton’s foes and their fates that I have in my Schadenfreude entry is also included.

Along with some pretty good analysis. Some of “Th Queen”‘s victories in this chess game

Besides vanquishing the eight pawns on the chess board, here are few more victories for the Clintons

.• The last minute save of the Turkish-Armenian accords opening the borders between these two longtime enemies.

• Bill Clinton’s dramatic feel-good rescue of the two female reporters held hostage in North Korea

• Clinton being named No. 4 of the 25 “smartest people” of the decade by the political blog The Daily Beast: “If anyone has a more intellectually rigorous resume for the decade, we have yet to see it.” High praise.

• A flattering article about Clinton in the December issue of Vogue magazine, complete with photos by the legendary Annie Liebowitz.

• Clinton’s approval rating in the high 60-percentile while Obama’s flirts under 50.

• The near “irrelevance” of those special envoys Mitchell and Holbrooke. They have been sidelined or mired in diplomatic quicksand.

Furthermore, she has been paying off her debts, while Obama has been multiplying his (and the country’s) I.O.U.s.

But it’s nice to know that time perspective eventually lets the truth out
It took a while, but we finally found the B0bots smell of Da Feet
It is US.

There was just a primary in Massachusetts. There were two progressives running for the democratic seat and a DLC mushy middle candidate who won (Martha Coakley).

Ten percent of registered voters turned out to vote for this seat. Ted Kennedy’s old seat.