Suddenly, the need to get the Health Club for Men is so urgent that votes on amendments will take place over the weekend

The entire weekend. Saturday AND Sunday.

You’d think that having convinced 100 senators to show up on Saturday and Sunday would mean they’d be done with it. Or at least with the amendments part of it. Or you’d think that at least the Democrats are all on the same page.

But then, at the end of the article comes this enlightening paragraph

Two major issues, how to prevent federal money from being spent on abortion services and whether to create a government-run public option health insurance program, continue to divide the Democratic caucus. Democrats continued throughout Friday to work on compromises to both issues but neither will likely be debated on the Senate floor over the weekend.

Right there – it appears like an either/or proposition: do you people want a public option or do you want women to keep control of their body by having access to reproductive healthcare? It almost sounds like that dreaded word “choice” which they keep trying to replace with “abortion”.

Hmmmm…I wonder which one B0bots will go for. I wonder which oneΒ  Reid will go for. Any guesses?

because you know we are not getting both, and Stupak already made it easy for the Senators to leave us under the bus.

Hey, remember us?