I caught by chance the better part of an 1 h show in which Costello interviews Bill Clinton. It was a rerun of a show aired last year (December 17)

a small excerpt here

It was a remarkable event for two reasons:

1. Costello (who did a fundraiser for Hillary) was obviously an admirer so, there was obviously no intention to obfuscate – and that’s a first for me in an interview with Bill Clinton. I could just relax and enjoy – which happened before…never.

2.The theme of the show is music, so all the questions and answers were through this prism.

Among the memorable things Bill said:

I had more scholarships for music than academics in high school.

I don’t think I could have became president if not for the music – the channeling of emotional energy, the becoming accustomed with praises and loss.

Music helped my perspective as president- because any good musician has to see beyond the notes on the paper. How loud or soft, how fast or slow, whether you play them in your own way or the way they were written before.

Chelsea told him he was an ignorant about rap and hip hop and for his birthday gave him a whole collection and said there would be a test. Not sure if he passed, but he got it. He would still prefer to listen to jazz, but I got what they are trying to do.

In the global initiative he tries to get people to work together – the way they play in a band. One doesn’t have to have a solo number to contribute to the sound.

In the White House he was listening to his favorite music for hours as he was working. Hillary had made him a music room on the third floor where he was playing his music. never let the care of his instruments to anyone else – it’s part of playing them.

They were dancing very often in the White House. After all, they wee under constant attack, so they at last had to have fun…

A rerun is not scheduled, but very likely will happen eventually – watch for it