Newsday chronicles the NY State Senate pathetic vote against gay marriage

Are they gloating? Roll call here – to see how your senator did (chances are, if you’re from NYC, they did the right thing)

AM-NY as a cover on the jobless

But the most depressing of all is the NY Times, determined to highlight Hillary reduced to selling Obama’s war – look at the expression on the faces of the 2 guys

as per this new way of using her as lightning rod

Can Hillary Clinton win the war in Afghanistan?

Oops! We were wrong when we said she was marginalized! Here’s a better one:

As is appropriate for the United States chief diplomat, and key presidential adviser, Secretary Clinton has taken full ownership of US policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Yeay! Teh One is only to be credited with the success then – should it occur.

meanwhile, for the cleverest way of making depression fun, read The Twelve Days of Obamamas