I can’t blame Obama & crew for considering their base easy and cheap. They’ve seen them in action.

And here’s the context:

Seems some Democrats are starting to worry about their midterm seats

Prominent liberal activists are warning Democratic leaders that they face a problem with the party’s base heading into an election year.

You know, war, Guantanamo, DADT – but not Stupak – that’s not  even mentioned as it contains lady scary parts…

To which knowlegeable BS-ers respond

“This is not a time to worry about the base; we’ll have all of the election year to do that,” said the Democratic source. “We’ll have a long list of accomplishments to present for them to rally around.”

Cue the 12 Days of Obamamas for the list

But ironically, B0bots know they are cheap and dim too:

Energizing liberals is a breeze. Do everything antithetical to their ethos and expectations of a Democratic majority and then sneer “Good luck with President Palin”.

Which is what they are laughing at in that photo:

B0bots being sicced at Palin

. Like the freepers in the past, B0bots can be made to do anything as long as there’s hatred to be had. Preferably of a lady scary parts.

As to who might have said that, I think it’s the same person that came out with the “fringe left”