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I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving.

Still, this being a political blog, I just visited a few of Steve Bell’s cartoons of Thanksgiving past from those innocent times in the past when we could say was is wrong

and that famous turkey

Mind you, both thse cartoons are about Bush.

It should be noted that this year Steve Bell no longer cares about US or Thanksgiving in his cartoons. It’s all Europe now. Nothing to satirize here, folks.


Here’s what I called serving with all the trimmings:

The Holidays news dump of the Afghanistan war escalation is done by the Daily News right under Kermit the frogΒ  with their affectionate “Bam” and as a foot note to MO’s fashion photo

How is this for propaganda? “Fashion and parades and some war oh, my!”

And since the “final number is in flux”, why bother publishing it at all?

I believe I’ll keep this one for the records!(when that “job” will be finished)

NY Post went for a heartwarming story – the kind we’d want to see all over the country as an antidote for the bailout – and one of the reasons we couldn’t have Hillary

AM-NY offers us an unattractive preview of the much advertised “Black Friday” – an obnoxious tradition, even more so in the present economy

There seems to be the recurring theme in all the NYC tabloids headlines.

Newsday does a reprise of W’s push to stimulate the economy: “Go fly and visit the fabulous destinations”

The NY Post has a half a cover about the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, but the other unveils a long standing scam in homeless charity

The Daily News goes even darker, revealing what else is getting cheaper in time for the holidays

and Metro is the darkest one of all

Happy Holydays from NYC, everyone!


Newsday is trying to sell women the “screen less” recommendation from the health Club for Men

I personally don’t ever.

The Daily News pours some gas over theΒ  9.11 trial fire –

which is small change after Obama’s blunder

And in other news, SNL lampooned Obama again.t

Can’t wait for the CNN’s fact checking on this one!

But the real piece of news it’s being satirized, is commented here, by a disillusioned Tweety and pundits

So, then, the following day he held a quote unquote press conference with the Chinese President Hu Jintao in which there were no questions and they read statements. Now, this is of course, this is the Chinese, it’s their home turf. They were allowed to do what they wanted to. That was the White House’s argument. And the White House haggled with them to get it more open.

Tweety uses the words “Carteresque mistakes”


What a perfect symbol for 2009!

The doll which – if alive, would fall on her face under the weight of her enormous breasts and break in two because of her implausible waist is becoming a new model for our girls.

I suppose it’s only appropriate in the age of Stupak and

Posted Image

Will she be in this Christmas gifts for your daughters?

I guess it’s up to mothers to get their daughters say – like mine: “ewww – I hate Barbie” And take it from there… And make sure to throw this mailing in the trash

Not Your Sweetie

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