In what is turning out to be a sequel of a bad movie, the media is once again covering for a warmonger.

Obama’s propaganda paper of record headlines its piece

Obama’s Speech on Afghanistan to Envision Exit

A nice euphemism (not unlike clinching – to substitute “winning the primaries) The article is replete with anonymous senior officials who assure us  about that “vision” as well as the GOP-es who oppose it (the fiends!)

But Marc Ambinder, the shorthand scribe for the politically in the know describes the huddle that generated the NY Times propaganda

That suggests that the meeting was akin to a pre-game rally session by the commander-in-chief: he wants to get everyone from Gates to Gen. Stanley McChrystal to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the same page before his Tuesday speech.

and discloses the big one

Officials said last week that while would outline a clear exit strategy, he would not tie troop withdrawals to any specific political developments in Afghanistan, which might run into opposition from Democrats in Congress, who are demanding benchmarks.

Hence the nostalgic illustration for this entry. Of course, unlike in the original version of this movie, we won’t get theories proving a connection between 9.11 and Iraq. This being the sequel

An official said that Obama plans to try explain the interconnection between the the stability of Pakistan and the nexus of terror in Afghanistan.

Which Ambinder qualifies as

An explanation that the American people would accept has proven elusive.

Don’t worry, propagandists! An Obama war is OK – as it has the Nobel Peace Prize stamp of approval on it!

I thought that since we are in the sequel, another  funny reminder of the first movie would help

I laughed and laughed seeing this one! democrats say the darnest things!