While all the rest are into the Tiger Woods drama, Newsday prints what seems to be a relevant cover about the war

Although the article seems to be written by McChrystal’s PR department (“do what he asks” is the refrain)

One sane opinion is lamely and apologetically framed – from a family preparing to deploy one of them again:

“They should end the war and bring our people home. But I know the president can’t do it all at once. If he did, it would take him more than one term in office to bring them home slowly and surely. He’s basically picking up other people’s problems. It’s going to take a while for everything to be rectified.

But at least Newsday’s cover is one step up over this

which shall remain the standard in war propaganda.

And while on the topic, here’s an interesting fact B0bot Sirota uncovered

“President (Obama) is on track to spend more on defense, in real dollars, than any other president has in one term of office since World War II,” reports National Journal’s Government Executive magazine.

But, but…Hillary voted for the war!