The NY Post comes with an appropriate headline for yet another case of “make your life a reality show”

while the Daily News (photographed in the news rack as it’s not featured in Newseum) takes the opportunity to kiss some behinds again

(the answer to their cover question seems to be in my photo: the news rack!)

Lots of outrage and cries for vengeance are pouring in this article.

Oh, the humanity!

Me thinks Howard Stern is gnashing his teeth these days – he’s missing from the type of hype he invented.

Personally, I regard this story as a sign of the times: there’s incompetence (of Obama’s staff echoing their boss’s) and there’s phony stagecraft – such as Obama pretending to be qualified and care about anything besides playing POTUS, or those crashers wanting to be famous. And then, there’s the media making it possible for all pretenders to succeed  and encouraging future ones to try. I am sure balloon boy was the inspiration of the party crashers.

The outrage is pretense too – as more foaming at the mouth makes for better copy.