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I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving.

Still, this being a political blog, I just visited a few of Steve Bell’s cartoons of Thanksgiving past from those innocent times in the past when we could say was is wrong

and that famous turkey

Mind you, both thse cartoons are about Bush.

It should be noted that this year Steve Bell no longer cares about US or Thanksgiving in his cartoons. It’s all Europe now. Nothing to satirize here, folks.


After dreaming up the super charisma/Messiah/bestest speaker ever, the fans can’t explain the hangover they are feeling.

MoDo has it so bad that at the end of a a full column filled with all the usual spews at Clinton, she ends up comparing Obama unfavorably to her Nemesis

Bill Clinton may not have cared any more about contributors than Obama does, but he was such a talented politician that he made them feel as though they were in “a warm bath,” as one put it.

Obama is more like a cold shower.

I thought being declared worse than Palin was the bottom, but poor Darcy is in real doodoo this time…There’s no worse insult in M0Do’s universe than that.

But will she hate him obsessively, for centuries too? Stay tuned.

Sullivan is still on koolaid, furiously mixing metaphors

In all this, Obama reminds me of George H W Bush in government, and of Ronald Reagan in campaigning. It’s a dream combo in many ways.

But Politico dedicated it’s Arena” to the search for the missing charisma

Obama’s charisma: Where did he leave it?

And there are a few still fans, a few who were always opponents and the lucid ones such as Mary Frances Berry

thoughtful people are contrasting his words with what they know. He now has a history of uneven policy success- greedy financiers engorged with the taxpayers money, a lingering recession, a health reform bill that will become law but leave many of his supporters feeling unfulfilled, more war in Afghanistan, peace more elusive in the Middle East, and the Iran nuclear problem unresolved

or Drew Westen who wonders

Does he believe that women and couples should make their own decisions about when to start their own families? All of his actions say no. Does he believe that gay people are full American citizens, or are they 3/5 of a man? His actions say the latter. Does he believe that all Americans should have more choices in their health care? No, he isn’t expanding any choices for the majority

and for that reason, former supporters

Many of the Democrats and Independents I know who voted for him now say they turn off the television when they see him on because they’re tired of the pretty words without any evidence of genuine passion or commitment behind them a week later

And as the koolaid wears off, more Jr.jr signs burst all over. As Don Siegelman, victim of Rove and now Obama observes

“There’s really been no substantial change in the heart of the Department of Justice from the Bush-Rove Department of Justice,”

Indeed. The guy who sold his senate seat and cavorted with Rezko, believes Rove proved corruption when framing Siegelman.

No kidding! Just ask a satisfied customer, Blackwater who got the same preferential treatment as during W’s times

US to drop shooting case against Blackwater guard

And why not? They are doing such a bang up job in Pakistan!

And not even signing the land mine treaty

To quote Mr Fish

– in that cartoon was published in late 2007/early 2008:

“And I hope to bring fresh charisma to Doomsday”

Doomsday? Check. Charisma? They’re still looking

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