Here’s what I called serving with all the trimmings:

The Holidays news dump of the Afghanistan war escalation is done by the Daily News right under Kermit the frogΒ  with their affectionate “Bam” and as a foot note to MO’s fashion photo

How is this for propaganda? “Fashion and parades and some war oh, my!”

And since the “final number is in flux”, why bother publishing it at all?

I believe I’ll keep this one for the records!(when that “job” will be finished)

NY Post went for a heartwarming story – the kind we’d want to see all over the country as an antidote for the bailout – and one of the reasons we couldn’t have Hillary

AM-NY offers us an unattractive preview of the much advertised “Black Friday” – an obnoxious tradition, even more so in the present economy