Newsday is trying to sell women the “screen less” recommendation from the health Club for Men

I personally don’t ever.

The Daily News pours some gas over theΒ  9.11 trial fire –

which is small change after Obama’s blunder

And in other news, SNL lampooned Obama again.t

Can’t wait for the CNN’s fact checking on this one!

But the real piece of news it’s being satirized, is commented here, by a disillusioned Tweety and pundits

So, then, the following day he held a quote unquote press conference with the Chinese President Hu Jintao in which there were no questions and they read statements. Now, this is of course, this is the Chinese, it’s their home turf. They were allowed to do what they wanted to. That was the White House’s argument. And the White House haggled with them to get it more open.

Tweety uses the words “Carteresque mistakes”