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This morning, as I was taking my dog out, I was passing by my kid’s school. The moment I turned the corner on the street, my ears were assaulted by a blaring radio. It wasn’t even music – but commercials – a screaming weight loss commercial. It was coming out from a white station wagon with the doors wide open, lovingly being cleaned out by its owner, an old black man in no need whatsoever of dieting.

Other people were standing in the hurricane of noise by the school fence, rolling their eyes but saying nothing.

As I approached him I said:

“There are people still sleeping – it’s Saturday morning!” (It was 7 AM) He scoffed at me:

“Let them wear earplugs”!

And here’s the kicker: he himself was wearing headphones! He himself was not hearing the screaming diet commercial!

It could be that the time it took me to walk my dog, the irony – or hypocrisy – sunk in. By the time we returned on that street, it was quiet. The man was still cleaning his suburban car, still wearing his headphones, the radio was still on, but at a normal level that didn’t require the world to protect itself from it.

I could make this a metaphor for many things covered in this blog, but it’s Saturday morning and my dog just threw up, so I’ll leave it to you, the readers.

In other news, Jake Tapper posted last night on Facebook: I didn’t see  any of the progressive bloggers complaining that Obama gave Fox credibility by giving them an interview”. The entry and its 40+ comments seems to be gone now.

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