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OK, they took a weasely way to talk about it, but it was still good to hear “the boss will sign any stack of paper with the name “Healthcare” on it”

And while only public option, cost and immigration were mentioned – and not a peep about women or Stupak, I guess we’re covered in the secret language envelope bid to the first republican that will sign.

And I am not saying it was the funniest thing SNL did, but I have to encourage their attempt at relevance. Enough to get this B0bot to make a video asking for the Biden jokes to stop (because he is not as funny as Cheney – and where were the Palin skits this week?)

And in the real world, the comedy of errors that brought us the Stupak amendment

At the same time, a lot of people were being pressured by their bishops, which, you know, that’s a whole different thing.  So they thought, ‘Well if this is just Hyde, then no big deal.’  But I had several people after that vote say to me… people who voted for Stupak, they said, ‘This needs to be fixed by the conference.’

And we have several people who have 100% pro-choce voting records who voted for it.

Well, would YOU say “NO” to a bishop???

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