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No sooner did we have to deal with Stupack’s disbelief thatΒ Β  defunding women’s rights to choose was so easy, a new story confirms my suspicions.

According to NPR

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is investigating whether some private colleges discriminate against women in admissions. The commission says it’s acting because in recent years, some colleges have admitted significantly larger percentages of male applicants to their freshman classes than female applicants.

Seems it’s not just in presidential debates, but

As a group, women have been outperforming men in college for years. Now the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights wants to know if colleges have begun admitting less qualified men instead of more qualified women because those colleges fear their campuses might become overwhelmingly female.

Oh, the horror! What would Laurence Summers say?

And why is it so important to have this “gender balance”? Why, iy’s the boys needs, silly:

And the people who work on these campuses say that boys, frankly, are not at their best where they are outnumbered two to one by girls.

And if this is not bad enough, here comes a blog ironically called asking this question

One further observation: If it’s OK to discriminate in order to enhance racial and ethnic diversity, why is it wrong to discriminate in order to enhance gender diversity?

Answer: It is never wrong to discriminate against women for any reason. Just check out the Health Club for men. Or this

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Now my personal experience has nothing to do with college, but middle school. My daughter and a group of her friends were all applying to this public school which attracted big competition citywide. There was a group of girls – all exceptional students in this class, and some – not quite so good students amongst the boys. In the endΒ  an even numbers of boys and girls made it. But what aroused my suspicion was when one of the boys was told at the interview: you are in, welcome to our school. The girls had to wait for months and months for an answer.

So, don’t fret, boys, you get a helping hand early on – with even nurseries and elementary schools discriminating to “enhance gender diversity” (what an euphemism, huh?)

New rule: when a boy debates a girl, the girl has to always answer first.

On the bright side, we at least have Terry O’Neil

It’s ‘Not Acceptable’ for President Obama to Achieve Health Care Reform ‘By Pushing Women Back Into the Back Alleys to Die’


I just want to quote here one of the comments at “” which ties nicely education and health club for men

bubba|11.11.09 @ 11:00AM|#

For graduate programs, there’s also the observation that male students are less likely to divert to a mommy track. So, if they want to produce the next generation of tenured professors, and maintain their own reputations, they might consider tossing in a few men.


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